ultimate and universal consciousness

  • Do you know there’s something more to life but aren’t sure what it is?
  • Do you feel like you don’t belong in this lifetime?
  • Do you absorb other people’s energy?
  • Do you feel you have a higher purpose and need guidance with what that is, or how to live it?

Ultimate Consciousness is about finding the freedom
to be who you came here to be in this lifetime

I’m really excited to be offering Universal Consciousness Journeys, which are the most spiritual of the appointments that I share. They are the most profound journey that I have ever experienced.

During these sessions I guide you to a higher realm where you access wisdom and healing that is brought back into the now.

Journeys include:

  • Meeting your Ultimate Self – where we make contact with your Higher Self for wisdom, healing and guidance
  • Vibrational Echoes in the Energy Field – where we can transcend a current problem
  • Healing for Empaths – we recognise our gifts and learn strategies for a new state of being
  • Creating Intergenerational Resonance – we heal problems and patterns that occur through the family line
  • Powerful Parallels in the Soul Lineage – where we access other lives our soul is living to heal across space and time
  • Lightworker and Multidimensional Cosmic Journeys – for supporting Lightworkers.

What is Ultimate Consciousness?

Ultimate Consciousness uses techniques and philosophies based on quantum physics and consciousness facilitation, it is a bridge between science and spirituality.

You will be guided on a journey, outside of time and space, into other realities and lifetimes, where you will lift your vibration and meet your Ultimate Self.  Once you have met your Ultimate Self you can bring back with you that wisdom, knowledge and vibration to support your journey through life.

Your journey starts with reminding yourself that you are so much more than you believe yourself to be. You will be guided on a journey outside of time and space and remember who you really are and understand your magnificence. You will learn how to lift out of your old energy and gently place yourself in the new.

Doing this work, you will bring the individual, those close to you and the whole planet into the energy you deserve.


Why book a session?

This is the Ultimate in spiritual, healing journeys.

If you are looking to explore past or parallel lives, meet your Higher Self or Spiritual Beings, and benefit from the healing this type of connection offers, this is the session for you.

Consciousness Journey

This is a recording of a consciousness journey I shared at a meeting of light leaders brought together  by Peter Smith from The Institute for Quantum Consciousness.  If you aren’t aware of Pete’s work use the information on his website to gain an understanding of the ideas behind this meditation before you join us in creating a beautiful future for all.

I have made this meditation available for free so it can be used by those called to creating a better world. I recommend that before you listen to the recording, you take time to create an intention of the type of world you are creating. Whether you do this by writing a piece, creating in some way, or simply spending time thinking about what this would look like.

With love, gratitude and blessings

What would you like to do?