recent testimonials

In the time we worked together, I lost just under 15 kg, and whilst at first I was emotionally and spiritually challenged, after a few weeks it started to feel so easy.

Clearing away the layers of each negative emotion that I no longer needed was something I had never contemplated as possible. Your guidance through that process was amazing. It’s a strange thing to describe, but I just feel like a more authentic version of me.

I had struggled for 12 years dealing with the death of my son at the age of 32.  I saw a counsellor and did a lot of talking but nothing resolved the pain and grief I felt – then I met you Jo.

The way you gently supported me – recognising my past hurt, pain and grief was wonderful and the resolution was complete after only a few sessions.  I have finally come to terms with his death and am at peace.

Jo – I will never be able to thank you enough for what you have done for me.

DEE, Client

Put your hands up if you read Jo’s posts and go – yeah right!

That was me, until I finally realised that I needed help, I felt broken and angry at the world and hated everyone.After months of giving endless excuses, I had my first full day appointment with Jo and it is THE BEST THING I HAVE EVER DONE!!!!!

Jo is truly amazing at what she does.

It wasn’t easy, there were plenty of tears but I walked out of there leaving behind a mountain sized backpack that I have felt like I have carried for years, which was full of anger, self doubt and unhealthy beliefs. It’s now been a few weeks since my appointment and friends and family are noticing that I’m happier and no longer seem to carry the weight of the world on my shoulders. I’ve had major breakthroughs with my fears and am breaking lifelong habits.

There are no words I can use to express my thanks to Jo for what she has helped me achieve. All I can do is spread the word and say just how incredible she is.  Take a chance, make contact and have that free initial consult. It will change your life for the better.

Jo is wonderful kind and caring.

I cancelled two appointments because I was scared. My anxiety was getting out of control again. For years I had been suffering a crippling anxiety disorder, I was just pushing through each day and hiding how bad I really was.  I finally took the first step to healing my life. The feelings and things I felt during my appointments were amazing. In one session my Grandma came up, little did I know at the time this would help me with the crippling grief at the time of her death.

So much has changed for me now. I go for weeks without anxiety and when it does show its ugly head I am strong enough to shut it down in seconds. My life is positive and happy. I have now reduced my medication and am only a few steps away from getting rid of it all together.

I highly recommend Jo for anything you are going through. Best therapy I have ever experienced – and it really works. Do yourself a favour and book an appointment now.

KELLY, Client

Last year I reached rock bottom. I had pushed through the last 23 years of my life in constant fight or flight mode and trying antidepressants, psychiatrists and every supplement available at the chemist.

I went to Jo with the frame of mind that she wouldn’t be able to help me – because nothing I had done worked so far, but the alternative to not going was what scared me enough to give it a go. We did three sessions, and while they were hard, out of my comfort zone and mentally exhausting, the results were the most powerful I had ever experienced.

Jo has literally changed my life through timeline therapy. I didn’t recognise the changes at the beginning, but now not only can I see them within myself, but I can feel how much I have grown too. I thank the universe every day for leading me to this amazing lady, because without her, I wouldn’t be turning my dreams into reality every day!

BEC, Client

I first came across Jo-anne after seeing changes in a friend. They had gone from being angry/sad to bubbly and happy.

I had hit a pretty big wall with anxiety caused from work, and I was not the same old me that I used to be. I had gone from someone who enjoyed being around people to hiding away, no smile, no laugh and hating life. The idea of spending so much money on myself was daunting, also the fear of “is this actually going to work, or is it a load of BS”?

I am now a few months on, and the money I spent was the best investment in me I could have asked or even imagined. I am happier, more relaxed and no longer sweating about the little things. My anxiety has also gone and I’m no longer requiring counselling.

I’ve also found a totally new me, one who loves dressing up in clothing I would never have had the confidence to wear before seeing Jo. I no longer hide and have often got a smile on my face, followed by a good laugh. My life is so much better and I have Jo and her amazing techniques to thank for it.

I began my journey with Jo a couple of years ago. I went to her desperate, lost, emotional and wanting to change. She welcomed me with open arms, a smile and without judgment. She has helped me with releasing negative emotions and beliefs, some of which I never even knew existed in me.

From the lost, out of control person I was in the past to now, I’ve grown so much. I’ve learnt more love of self and others, I have clarity and feel more grounded than ever. I feel very empowered and constantly surprise myself how I naturally act calmly in situations, where it once would have felt my world was crumbling. Changing my world in a positive way has made me see negativity drift away and has invited such positive, loving experiences and people into my life.

Thank you Jo, I’m grateful for your support on my journey. You’ve helped me to see my strength, positivity and clarity of where I need to be in my life right now. For the first time I know I’m heading in the right direction and that’s pretty exciting!  I highly recommend going to see Jo, you won’t regret it!