Soul Harmony Foundation Program

Soul Harmony Foundation Program

Supporting your healing

The Foundation Program consists of four 1-hour appointments, either weekly or fortnightly, booked and paid for in advance.  It is designed for those who are not yet ready to commit to the full program, or who would prefer a cheaper package.

During your sessions I use assessments along with counselling, NLP coaching and hypnotherapy to support healing in whatever issues you present with.

NLP coaching is a set of tools that supports people with behavioural change and more resourceful states.

You will be provided with tools to use when not in session to give you support for the life you envision.

At the completion of the 4th session, a further 4 sessions can be booked.

Why don’t you offer individual sessions?

I have found that individual sessions do not provide the outcomes I want to see for my clients, to get results needs a longer-term engagement.

I am committed to getting the best results for my clients, which is only possible with a package of sessions. It’s a bit like training to get physically fitter, one session with a personal trainer won’t do it, you need to commit to a series of session to get results.  Emotional health is the same, it takes time.

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