Soul Harmony Emotional Wellness Program

Soul Harmony Emotional Wellness Program

Growth and Positive Change

The Emotional Wellness Program begins after the Discovery Session.  If you choose this program, I do some assessments and then set a few tasks for you that will begin your healing process – usually a gratitude journal sent to me each day for 14 days.

Once you have sent me your tasks (and made payment – this is your commitment to change) we set a date for your first session.

This Program provides powerful choices for growth and positive change for your future.

It will trace your behavioural patterns and their origin which provides context and offers you a way to break free of patterns which may be limiting you.

The results bring a greater sense of self-acceptance and meaning to your life with a clear way forward.
This program will assist you with anxiety, depression, self-worth and belief, trauma, impacts from childhood, marriage or relationship issues, purpose and direction or finding fulfilment.

The process can take 10-12 hours, usually done as a day (9:30 to 3:30) followed by shorter appointments as needed – however this is flexible. Some clients choose to do two consecutive days, for instance over a weekend, and then follow up sessions. You can also choose to come to Waikerie for a Soul Harmony Emotional Wellness Retreat.

Follow ups can be done on Zoom or in person.

In between sessions, further tasking will be asked of you to enhance your healing process and learning. If needed, further appointments will be scheduled until the process is complete, at no further cost to you providing you complete the tasking.

Prime Concern

At your first appointment, we work through questions to find your “Prime Concern”. This is the emotional issue underlying your problem.

We then start using techniques such as Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP), Time Line Therapy® and Hypnotherapy to address this and remove any negative emotions (anger, sadness etc) and limiting beliefs (I’m not good enough, I don’t deserve to do well, etc) attached to this.

The Process

This process is like a guided meditation and is a regression technique, where I talk you through going back on your timeline to an event where you recognise the learnings and release the negative emotion, or limiting belief.

Deep down we all have these negative emotions and limiting beliefs, and may or may not recognise them without support. This is a very gentle process where we observe the event from a distance in a way that reduces any emotional response. Depending on the issue we can spend several sessions dealing with it. Each session is tailored to your individual needs.

The Emotional Wellness Program will have you experiencing changing beliefs and ideas, so I provide follow ups and extra support when needed.

This Program is designed to clear a problem – and is guaranteed. This means we will work together until we have achieved the desired outcome, at no further cost to you. You will also receive tools to use at home, such as a booklet and hypnotherapy or relaxation recordings, and support between sessions if needed.

This Program is designed to help you – so I am flexible with appointment times, I can be available 7 days a week by arrangement.

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