Self care – What is it really?

When I did a workshop on blogging, one of the most important rules was to setup a schedule to blog regularly and stick to it.  I decided to aim for writing a blog every month.  Twelve a year seemed doable and worthwhile.  Hmmm, well that didn’t happen last month, did it?

June was the end of financial year; I was busy with work and family, and each time I sat down to write – nothing would flow.  My heart and soul weren’t in it and my mind was busy elsewhere.

Hmmmm what to do?
Do I push through and make myself write something?
Or listen to the Universe and my Higher Self and just let it be? 

Pushing through and forcing it really wasn’t an option.  The energy I feel as I write comes through to the reader, even if they aren’t consciously aware of it, so I let it be. I put it down and took care of myself and other important things.  After all the world is not going to stop turning if there is no Soul Essence blog for the month, is it?

Self-care is not always warm baths, walks in the sunshine and chocolate, although these are great options and really helpful.

Sometimes it’s saying no to something you don’t want to do, you can’t fit in, or that will cause stress. Those things other people expect you to do, or question you about, if you don’t do them.  Or that you feel guilty about, so you do them against your better judgement.

 It’s saying yes to that which serves you.
The things that are important and meaningful to you.  The options that truly feel good and feed your heart and soul.

I guess this is where warm baths and other things you do to spoil yourself come in.  You don’t have time to do them if you are busy doing for others and fitting in things you don’t want to do.

So, say no first, and then say yes to yourself.   Are you able to do that?  And remember saying no doesn’t have to be rude, it can be polite and respectful.  You can say things like “I’m sorry, that doesn’t fit into my schedule at the moment” or “I’m not available at that time” or “I’m unable to help with that, I hope you find someone who can”. And when it comes to family and kids “Perhaps you could help with that or have a go yourself”.

Remember, that if we don’t take time for our wellness, the Universe will force us to take time for our illness.

Even though I did take time for me and took care of myself, I still ended up with that virus that has been around for a couple of years.  So, there you go, self-care WAS the only option.  Supplements, naps (and lots of them), food deliveries to the door and bingeing TV shows.  Along with rescheduling clients and shifting a couple to Zoom on the days I felt well enough.

Self-care overlaps with boundaries.  Maybe it’s time to have a look at what you are doing that no longer serves you and is impacting your emotional and physical health.

Where can you use boundaries so you can take better care of yourself?

After all, f you look after yourself, you will be happier, healthier and more able to contribute to the things that are important, and to take care of those you love.

It’s just like the advice on planes, in an emergency, put the oxygen mask on yourself first, then help others. It’s time to put your oxygen mask on, take care of yourself, and love yourself like you deserve.

Start with baby steps until you get the hang of it, and over time it will become natural and easy to do.

Do it now instead of waiting for an emergency or for the Universe to step in and do it for you.
Do it on your terms and it will be easier and so rewarding.  Where are you going to start?