counselling, coaching & hypnotherapy

counselling, coaching & hypnotherapy

Hypnotherapy aims to uncover and resolve the underlying cause of your issue,
by accessing the subconsious mind.

What is Hypnotherapy?

Hypnotherapy is person-centred psychotherapy.

It uses guided visualisation to achieve an altered state of consciousness called trance, which is characterised by increased focus and concentration.

Once a client has heightened awareness, a trained therapist can help them bring about desired life changes and harness their potential. Through correct delivery, fMRI recordings have shown that hypnotherapy creates new neural pathways leading to lasting change.

This direct access to your subconscious mind allows a quick and easy understanding of what is going on. It makes sense of the problem, rather than talking to the conscious mind in the hope of discovering the underlying problem. Often the source of troubling issues stems from earlier in life, even childhood, where patterns of thinking and beliefs are established before the mind has properly matured.

With hypnotherapy, the client is in control at all times.

All hypnosis is self-hypnosis, which means that we will only enter trance, and follow the instructions of the hypnotherapist, if we are in agreement.

Hypnotherapy allows you to stay in control while I guide you back to the events that caused the presenting issue and in a non-threatening way, change their meaning… leaving you feeling empowered and uplifted… and free from the control they have.

Why book a session?

At the end of the session you often receive your own recording to listen to – this helps you to rewire new beliefs and establish new and positive thinking.

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