reiki / aura healing

Reiki and Aura Healing are offered as one package
that provides a relaxing way to release blockages and old energy patterns.

Clearing and balancing your Aura and Chakras leaves you feeling peaceful and calm, allowing you to continue your soul journey with ease and grace.

Reiki Healing

Reiki is pronounced RAY-KEY.

Rei in English is Universal or Spirit. Ki in English is Life Force.  Therefore, Reiki is the channelling of Life Force Energy.

This beautiful energy is all around and within us.  Our souls are made of this energy.  Think of it as soul energy or unconditional love.

Reiki is an ancient Japanese form of healing that aims to improve health and enhance the quality of life.  It treats the whole person including the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual bodies.

Reiki creates many beneficial effects including relaxation, a reduction in stress, and feelings of peace, security and wellbeing.

By reducing stress on the body and allowing feelings of peace, the body’s natural healing abilities are enhanced.

As a Reiki therapist/practitioner I  channel the energy to my client, either with my hands on, or just above, the body, or a combination, the choice is yours.

Aura Healing

Aura Healing is a great way to restore energy flow in your body, it releases unwanted or stale energies so there is room for positive energy to take it’s place.

Your Aura is an energy field that surrounds you. Made up of different layers, your Aura can tell a lot about the person it surrounds – the layers contain information that relates to your physical, emotional, mental and spiritual body.

Regular Aura healing supports health and wellbeing.

Your session

The one-hour session involves resting on a massage table, covered with a soft blanket if you wish. It is my priority to ensure you are relaxed and feeling peace.  I also provide time for a brief chat before and after the healing.

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