Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) provides many ways for you to create positive outcomes or change behaviour. It eliminates obstacles, restores and builds energy and it brings your goals into alignment, burning through life’s obstacles.

Neuro focuses on your neurological system.  NLP is based on the idea that you experience the world through your senses,  and translate that sensory information into conscious and unconscious thought processes.  Those thought processes activate the neurological system (brain, spinal cord and nerves), which affects your physiology, emotions and behaviour.

Linguistic refers to the way you use language to make sense of the world, capture and conceptualise experience and communicate that experience to others.  In NLP, linguistics is the study of how the words you speak (both out loud and in your head) and your body language influence your experience.

Your personal Programming is the internal processes and thinking patterns that you use to make decisions, solve problems and learn. We evaluate and organise your internal programming so that you can get the outcomes you want.

So, NLP is a process where we focus on the brain, the words we use, and the subsequent behaviour.  It is ‘why we do what we do’ – and explores the reason for our behaviour and everything we do.

By altering our language, both the words we speak and our self-talk, our behaviour and the way we feel, we make changes for the better.  NLP is a realisation that the words we use don’t describe the world we live in – they decide the world we live in.