What if I’m not spiritual? Or think this is all a bit woo woo?


I tailor sessions to my client’s needs. So if you prefer, I can use the same modalities and just discuss psychological information and how the brain works.

What if I’m not spiritual? Or think this is all a bit woo woo?2023-02-26T15:31:57+10:30

Why do you have a dragonfly as your symbol?


The Dragonfly is my spirit animal, it reminds me of how far I have come on my soul’s journey in this lifetime. A Dragonfly symbolises releasing yourself from unproductive illusions that hold your soul’s progression back. The dragonfly spirit challenges old habits and concepts that

Why do you have a dragonfly as your symbol?2021-04-18T15:25:57+09:30

Do you do counselling?


Not in the traditional sense - the service I provide is an alternative to traditional counselling. We don’t focus on talking about the problem, we focus on what you want, what we need to clear to get there and how to make it happen. I

Do you do counselling?2021-04-18T09:17:54+09:30

Who needs a Life Coach?


People who would like to change, to become happier and live a fulfilled life. People who are willing to search within themselves to get crystal clear on what they want in life. And the realising that they will stay focused and get there quicker with

Who needs a Life Coach?2021-04-18T09:17:31+09:30

What is a Life Coach?


A Life Coach is qualified to support, help, challenge and motivate you to meet and exceed personal and professional goals. A life coach helps you discover how to overcome obstacles and supports you in the journey to identify your strengths and weaknesses. I will help you to move forward at

What is a Life Coach?2021-04-18T09:15:16+09:30

What is NLP?


Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) provides many ways for you to create positive outcomes or change behaviour.

What is NLP?2021-04-18T08:48:09+09:30


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