Emotional and Generational Healing


In this podcast we explore healing for spiritual growth and discover modalities that go beyond traditional education.

Emotional and Generational Healing2024-05-31T14:19:12+09:30



The modern world’s response to stress & how you can find time for you. Are you always flat out? Have a huge to do list and never seem to get to the end of it? As fast


Caring for the Carer: Looking after yourself when you are in a caring role


I recognise that there are male carers out there and acknowledge their efforts. I am speaking to women in this blog as this is based on my experience, however my advice is the same for men who are

Caring for the Carer: Looking after yourself when you are in a caring role2024-03-16T11:05:30+10:30

Gratitude: One simple act that will change the way you see the world


Have you ever wondered what all the fuss is about when it comes to gratitude? Nearly every coach or spiritual healer will tell you of its benefits - that’s because it works! Gratitude is a powerful

Gratitude: One simple act that will change the way you see the world2023-11-18T08:52:58+10:30

How Fear Keeps Us Stuck


While the stigma surrounding mental health is gradually changing, many individuals still resist seeking help for various reasons. If this sounds like you, prepare for some enlightening insights! Our mind is approximately 10% Conscious Mind and 90%

How Fear Keeps Us Stuck2023-09-21T11:03:21+09:30

Spiritual Bypassing:


My Journey of Embracing the Shadows, Beyond Love and Light I started my spiritual journey 35ish years ago, a bit of a late starter, in my mid-20s.  Like a lot of people, I wanted to be more

Spiritual Bypassing:2023-07-21T09:17:39+09:30

Synchronicities, trusting your gut and how I found NLP


If you had told me 7 years ago, that I would be: running my own business a Master Practitioner of NLP, Time Line Therapy® and Hypnotherapy, have a Diploma in Hypnotherapy & Psychotherapy and a Quantum and Universal

Synchronicities, trusting your gut and how I found NLP2023-03-20T09:35:47+10:30

Self care – What is it really?


When I did a workshop on blogging, one of the most important rules was to setup a schedule to blog regularly and stick to it.  I decided to aim for writing a blog every month.  Twelve a year

Self care – What is it really?2023-03-19T17:18:08+10:30

Boundaries – what exactly are they?


Boundaries are rules, guidelines or limits on what we allow into our lives and the way we expect to be treated by others. Boundaries are also based on our values or what is important to us. When we

Boundaries – what exactly are they?2023-03-19T17:18:22+10:30

Let’s talk about kindness


So, what does kindness actually mean? There are so many ways to be kind I think it’s a good topic to explore. When we think of kindness, most of us think of the things we do for other

Let’s talk about kindness2023-03-19T17:18:37+10:30
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